Empress exotique nails

Hi it's a pretty simple look today, I got inspired by the lovely exotic colours and embellishments on these princess-y summer evening dresses...
How beautifully do all those colours go together!?
In the beginning I wanted to do a much more detailed design because I just love all the mixed aspects of these dresses but I didn't want to over-crowd my nails so I think in the end I created more of an 'accompaniment' nail design rather than a replica of the print and style of the dresses.. I'd like to think its something you could wear at the same time with this dress and not look like crazy nail art girl (which is my usual 'every-day' look lol).
 So.... I hoped to create a bit of a glamorous feel , I used sponging to give the base colour some depth and to embellish I used a mix of loads of my loose glitters in various shades and sizes which I applied by mixing it with some clear top coat.
I don't very often find myself in the position that would require me to wear such a glam, exotic looking dress but if that event crops up ^_^  I think I would probably choose the pink.. or maybe orange.... they're all glorious but turquoise doesn't suit me I'm super pale skinned.
Hope you like the design today.. I have a sort of frowny face right now ..looking at them I have a niggling feeling like I could and should have done more with these?! but maybe I just don't know when to stop lol!!
Back soon with some more nails for you! oh yeah and the draw for the Pink Give-away is looming so make sure you've entered it if you want a chance at the prizes!


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  1. This is really cute :) I love the exotic look xx

    1. Thanks i wish it was a reflection of the weather lol but it was actually raining on me when I took these pics lol

  2. Those kind of remind me of Marie Antoinette :)

    1. thanks i have seen some seriously incredible marie antoinette inspired make up blog posts, I love the style!

  3. good way for making your look chic. the colors match well and they don't look heavy together. wishing you more inspirations to come!

  4. I love these nails, I have very pale skin also so I would possibly wear the pink and orange alternating on each fingernail.

    Looks really lovely. I need to get some fine paintbrushes so I can start do my nail art for my blog - a lot of them will be inspired by yours I think (if that ok) x