Diamonds in the sky nails

 Hi again, here's another quick post with some nails I did for my sister, we chose a mottled sky blue backdrop with a bright individual diamond on each nail.
I wanted to do something to match one of her awesome tattoos - I'm not sure I quite did it justice but hey it's good to co-ordinate!.. I really like this rhinestone design it would be so cute with the flowers aswell but we were a bit short for time today.
 I used a neon pink polish underneath the black outline to add a flash of colour into the design, my sis has kinda short nails at the moment so we decided to keep the back quite simple, I used sponging to get it looking more sky- like but nothing that would over power the diamonds.
I wish I could have got a day light pic of these but it was soooooo windy and crazy outside that we didn't dare venture into the garden.. I doubt the light would have been worth it.. where is summer???!!! The neon pink looks more striking in real life but you get the idea.
Hope you like this bejewelled look, as always I'll be back soon with some more for you! 


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  1. It looks great, you include so much detail :)

    Want you to come and do my nails lol :)

  2. Thanks I've been practicing on my details, you will see more like this in my next nail post thanks for all your comments x

  3. Looks so cool next to her ink! awesome!

  4. I was thinking that this design corresponds your sister's sketches in which she puts tiny diamond details :) Nice idea! Your creativity is awesome.
    P.S. I will be ready with my nail design post soon, you are welcome to suggest.

  5. I can confirm that these nails looked much brighter and better in real life (and got a lot of comments in work the next day!). Thanks dudette! much appreciated! :) xx
    Also apologies for my un-photogenic hands and short nails!