Don't be a square nails

Hello everyone, Happy Sunday, got some new nails for you today.
 I'm really loving the rainbow look and it's such a simple concept, I used to paint my nails all different colours quite often but I haven't done them this way for a while... I like it when I suddenly remember something and think... ah ha that's the one!
The triangles are something I've had in my mind for ages but just waiting for the right background idea to make the look pop, I think that it actually creates a bit of an illusion of longer nails actually... my nails are really short right now because I've been wearing false ones a bit (love 'em lol) before I painted them this way they looked really short too...but now? ...I'm not too sure, they look way more elongated to me it's like an optical illusion or something.

I just painted the black free-hand , I guess you could use tape if you are worried about the straight lines (but I don't have any haha so I just had to practice having a steady hand - it's not so hard with a long and fine bristle nail art brush).
 I was going to call the look 'Triangulation nails' but I looked up the definition of triangulation and realised it's the kind of thing that used to make my brain cry a little bit during high school maths and eventually lead to me dropping out of maths in favour of bunking behind the canteen lol - which ultimately had more reflection on who I am today - so I changed it to 'don't be a square nails' LOL as a tribute to my misspent school days...but seriously kids... stay in school (or I'll be in trouble)!
 Hope you like the look, I will be back soon - I'm desperate to share my up coming project with you asap but I'm just working out a few last minute kinks and then soon all will be revealed (my pretties haha).
Have a great week x


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  1. Hi, Bonita!
    The triangle nails indeed look longer:) Great effect!
    Have a nice week!

  2. Aw I kind of like the length of your nails right now haha! they look really cute, especially since they're so nicely shaped and painted such fun colors!

  3. Thanks for the comments... I'm not really picky about having long/short nails now.. I used to always be trying to grow them as long as possible but now I like to mix it up, if they've been long for a while I'll cut them down really low and start again.. mine grow super quick though so I'm kinda lucky in that way! ^_^