Lavender mist nails

Hiya,  I love to create this kind of galactic/cosmic nail art.

 If I could only choose 1 design to wear on my nails for the rest of my life ...Oh my gawd in some cruel circumstance! I would choose this galaxy style...

 I find it so easy on the eye and I always have fun experimenting with different colour schemes.
Here are some other posts I've done in the past in a similar technique in varying colour schemes:
To create the look I sponged on layers of pinky/ purple shades to create an interesting background on to which I dotted silver and white polish and sprinkled with fine glitter dust, I also dabbed on a clear polish with larger glitter flecks in to certain areas for even more depth to the look.
I wish I could capture the true effect of the glitters but I can never seem to find the right camera setting, they are real pretty and sparkly though you'll just have to trust me! 
Hope you like them and thanks for reading, Back soon with something new to show you. Have a great weekend everybody!


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  1. Then it's a cosmic lavender :) I did similar kind of manicure, but without shading. I LOVE glitters on the top of some nice color :)
    your design looks pretty and good for daily wear.
    Have a nice weekend!