Hot pink spring flower nails

Hello I'm back with some super bright ones this time! I just love this bright pink shade, it's just the thing to put me in the mood for spring.
I wanted to do just white and black flowers to begin with but I ended up adding some other hints of colour (all over the place) and topping them up with double glitter on the tips... lol why do I bother planning things out in advance .. I always get carried away with my finishing touches!
These are false nails again.. could you tell? The round tip shape is a lot more natural looking - nobody can tell these aren't my real nails... of course I can see I have a couple of imperfections in the application... but I know that I always notice even the slightest imperfection when it comes to nails (natural or false) because I'm constantly staring at them .. I was with my mum all afternoon and she didn't realise they weren't my natural nails (even when I told her she still wasn't sure haha).
I will do some 'short nails' looks soon and post them here but whilst my nails are short I have been taking the chance to have fun with some false nails, I like how easy and quick you can change the length and nail shape depending on what look you want or what your doing that day... also something about falsies is just fun to me... just like being a barbie or something you can just pop them on and go... kinda wish I'd been more wise to them when I was in high school 'cause I was always struggling to grow my nails back then!
anyways that's all for now - thanks for checking out my look....
I will be back soon with some more nails for you x


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  1. Ha, I was basically going to say the exact same as Claire ^ so yeah I second that! Very pretty! I like these a lot. x