Valentines deco choco nails

hi guys, Im back I decided to do some kinda eccentric nails for Valentines (mainly for my own enjoyment) but I hope you like them too... I decided to try and do a Deco chocolate theme, I only learned about deco chocolate a little while ago,

 I am subscribed to a youtube channel 'Mikaera' made by a Canadian girl in Japan, her vids are interesting and usually pretty cute and entertaining so I often find myself checking her channel in times of boredom and I feel like I have actually come to learn loads of random stuff from her over time! (it's just different fun things about daily life in Japan but to me it is interesting - so if you are also nosy like me you should check her out next time your lost on youtube).

She made a video about her attempts to make some deco chocolate a Valentines traditions over there and I thought it was really cute - the girls will make really attractive (decorative) chocolates and treats for the guys they admire (a bit sad that the girls don't get any in return as I'm sure it would be us girls that would really appreciate the cuteness of receiving hand decorated chocolates but I guess that's just get your man so I guess he can get you stuff once your married hahahahaha).
Obviously because it's a Japanese tradition all the proper examples I've seen have been so freakin' amazingly intricate and professional..
Buut it is good for nail inspiration!

...not exactly something you can really get away with on an everyday basis (well if you can then ..Go girl!) but Valentines isn't just everyday is it... it is but once a I satisfied a long running desire to get me some serious nail deco action and here they are... I used false nails because I knew I would only be wearing them for a day so I just used sticky tabs to attach them for the day and I can use them again some time ^_^ 

Hope you like them too...and hope you all had a lovely day whether you were valentine-ing or not!
Back soon  with something new x


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1 comment:

  1. I've been wanting to do this on my nails forever! It is so whimsical! Unfortunately, I play the banjo and long nails like this would just get destroyed =(

    I am thinking of doing this with my cell phone instead. I just love the style!

    sending you happy spells