Rock candy nails

 Hi everyone, hope you've had a good start to February - I've been a busy bee with an up-coming project (I'll share more details very soon don't worry!) still I finally found time to get these nails done .. sorry about the wait guys...
I'm getting in the valentines mood with this candy pink colour scheme ... I even sneaked in some chic black heart gems. I think this manicure is really fun, it's girly with the pink and polka dots but also has a bit of a tougher rock chick side with the black gems and funky leopard style.. I like how bold it looks with the black/white contrast.
 The pink polish I used is by w7 I'm not sure of the name but its #12, I really like this brand of polish and they have a wide range of colours at a great price.
 I really love polka dots at the moment they are so versatile and leopard print is just something I always like to experiment with - it can be a very useful design for tying a colour scheme together.
 My tips for creating a look like this would be; try not to over complicate each nail design, try to get a good balance of colours over the whole look and also don't be afraid to try a mix of styles in one look to express your own personality through your nail art.
Hope you like them too, I will be back a.s.a.p. with some new looks for you, have a great weekend! x


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  1. These are amazing!
    Can you come and live by me and do my nails everyday? ;)

  2. cute and bold. yea! 。◕‿◕。
    i'm getting back to nail art again as Summer has come. I do love dots too, they can create a beautiful pattern :)
    have a lovely day! ☀