Princess pop nails

 Hi again, I switched my nails up again, this time I went for a pointed 'stiletto' shape nail, but it's not the most dramatic point.. I prefer the pointed style of nails when it doesn't look too lethal (just my personal taste) I've seen people with much more angular and longer pointed tips and they can look really fab and vampy.. but for me (for now) this is enough ^_^
 I think they look soo princess-like, I faded the pastel polka dots up into a bright pink glitter tip and embellished each nail with clear gem bows and a sprinkle of round rainbow gems to highlight the glitter... I'm definatly going to experiment with the polka dots combined with ombre fade again I love how that turned out!
 Here's a bit of a closer look so you can see the gems... hope you like them.
Back soon with some more for you have a great week x


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1 comment:

  1. Beautiful design, Bonita!
    I still can't pick up that fading/shading effect.I guess I just need some good nail polishes and sponges.
    Have a great week!