Fierce barbie nails

 Hiya, here are my fierce barbie nails rrraaaawwwrr! I really love the way the metallic gold works in this leopard print.. kinda can't stop looking at them. I got inspired by my last mani (obvious..sorry) I started wondering if the print would look better this way round and then I couldn't resist trying it out! I actually started out with just 1 feature nail for the leopard ...but I loved it too much haha (you can see the original version at the end of this post as well).
 Below is was what I was going to do, as I mentioned in the last post I wanted to do more of the heart nail design but tbh I felt the gold leopard looked like the odd one out... I guess the easier thing would have been to just loose the gold and do them all with hearts.... but I really loooved the print haha so I made myself a bit more work than I had to and changed it to more gold/less black.
 Which look do you guys prefer, in hindsight I really like them both, I think I'm just not used to having so much black in my manis so I always have a little shock factor moment and then change them last minute lol.
Oh yeah and just in case anyone was wondering about the prop/background in my pics it's my Mark Hill hair- dryer, I love this lil guy not only is it obviously a bloody awesome colour/print it's also totally tiny but really effective! I have loooaads of hair and this little thing totally stands up to the challenge!
 I don't know how much it cost as it was a (great) pressie (thanks mum)..but if anyone is looking for a new dryer or a travel hair dryer I would definitely recommend this brand! it's so cute I couldn't resist using it for some pics!


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