Cosmic nails

 Hiya these are my nails today, I used the sponging technique again to create this fantasy starry cosmic sky design.. I am so happy with how these turned out, love the colours together it's fun and girly and fantasy and it has glitter and everything ^_^ what do you think? good news is that this look was sooooo simple to whip up.. I am now addicted to sponging! it just looks like they've been airbrushed it's so cool.. my colleagues loved these nails aswell I had so many compliments yay!
Step by step:
1) I started with a bright neon pink, I sponged on a v.pale pink colour before sponging on purple polish in a gradual fade. 
2) Using a white polish and dotting tool, I add my 'stars' into the sky, I make some smaller than others to make them look very far away.
3) Finally I decided to add a subtle glitter polish on top to give my cosmos a bit of sparkle, the polish I used has a mix of fine holo glitters and slightly larger glitter particles and even a few star shapes.

Hope you like the look, it's June tomorrow, this year is flying by we are half way through already - hope everyone's making the most of it and making sure they're having fun times!
back soon x


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  1. Super pretty and girlie! I love how sponging looks. x

  2. I really like these, nice work! I'm a fan of the sponging it looks good :) x

  3. You are so talented! I wish i could do these sorts of designs on my nails.. every time i try to do something like this it always end up looking very odd!