Waikiki surf nymph nails

Hi everybody, got some more for you! These are my super-bright-instant-sunshine-neon-french-tips-(with flicks)-nails! I've seen a few celebrities with the neon french tips look recently and I wanted to give it a try seeing as my nails are a decent length right now, yay!
My neon yellow wasn't opaque enough for a really striking french manicure so I opted to jazz it up some what ^_^  I love these nails they're really fun, I guess they wont be to every ones tastes! they were simple to create though, I used a nail art brush with a long fine tip to create swallow-tail flicks below the french tip line and a dotting tool to finish the design.
I feel like they're kinda so wrong they're right in a 80's kinda way but also really summery/ beach party barbie in a tacky good kinda way lol I realise what a whacked out description that is - sometimes is really hard to sum up everything I like about a nail design because it makes way to many things pop into my head through-out the day when I look at them (continuously)... but I'd definitely say that's a sign of a good mani in my opinion!
Hope you like them, thanks for popping by to check them out either way -I'll be back soon with some more designs.. Have a great weekend! 
Surfs up!


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  1. Replies
    1. aw thanks! I just checked out your blog and followed.

  2. I'm just catching up on your posts!
    You are so creative with your nail art!
    I always say I'll make the time and do mine, but I always just end up with a slick of pink! haha