Moody blues nails

 This manicure is reminding me of rainy spring sky, bright blue with black and sparkly holo glitter on top..I'm still a big fan of this glitter it's Models Own (shade - Mixed up) it's a handy polish to have around when I want to create a simple but striking look..I've tried this over quite a few other colour base polishes and it always looks different- it also drys really quick compared to some Models own polishes (their glitters seem to be generally OK for this).
 Here's the blue without glitter on top, I'd say its definatley bright sky blue if I had to describe it but the lighting may be a little 'off'.. I felt like having something fun for work (haha my boss must love me)
 Hopefully not everyone is having such a blustery wet spring as we are having down here right now but whatever the weathers doing, try and enjoy the rest of the week - supposedly there's no such thing as bad weather, just in-appropriate clothing... this is something I heard once and it always sticks in my head when it's raining ^_^ oh yeah aswell as 'nice weather for ducks' haha unfortunatley I'm no duck and all my clothes are usually pretty in-appropriate for any weather that might be happening but I try my best least the nails look good! catch you soon with some more ideas x


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  1. Cute! Why didn't I see these, when was this? I like 'em! Mine are looking snazzy today, thanks! :)

  2. thanks haha i did it after you left..I thought youd like it! catch u soon x