watermelon zig zag nails

 Hiya hope everyones having a nice weekend, it's great weather shoulders are a little pink already which is not great but lesson learned!
 I created this random zig-zag nail design mainly because I wanted to do some sponging because I keep getting really inspired by other bloggers using this technique, I really like the end result in this mani by Jackie over at MeMa's Mani's and this is the tutorial I checked out to perfect my sponging thank you to The Nail Polish Addict for that.
I wanted to use a nice summery color scheme, so I always think fruity colours then I used gold and black to make my zig-zags and used a dotting tool on the edges to finish up the look before coating with clear top coat.
 Below is a collage of the different steps I took to create the mani and the main pic is the design outside in the sunshine at its most fluroescent and best!
I liked the sponging effect! I have tried it before and not really manged to get it looking right, but the key is to blot the sponge on some paper before you apply on top of the base coat.. once I'd figured that out it was easy as pie - there will definatley be more sponging on the blog in future.

 In other news I went to a food fair with my lovely boyfriend, it was such a nice hot day I got to try churros with chocolate for my first time, it was really's not something you ever see in Brighton, England where I live but I've always been curious when I saw it on other blogs and today I got my chance..yum! The churros seller was really nice too..I like my food to come from nice friendly people and that she certainly was! ^_^
Hope you liked them, thanks for reading and have a good week!


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  1. Awesome nails chick! They're very club tropicana.. makes me feel like we need to have a themed party of some sort :) x
    P.S. I want churros!

  2. Wow, that looks really nice!
    amazing nail art for summer (: