Wild at heart nails

Hiya here's my wild at heart birthday manicure... it's not my birthday to be fair but it my lovely mans 28th and so a very deserving reason for a rocking new nail look I think! I'm not sure this is exactly what he would choose ( for me not him) but I like it alot and he doesn't get to choose hahaha  it did get his royal approval though.. phew ;-) I think it's perfect for a party anyways and was pretty quick to get done amid all my last minute birthday preperations last night!! (see below for cake!)
 I started out with some thing totally different in mind but once the base colours were on I had a brain wave moment and created this.. thus prooving to myself once again that it is not good to over- think any nail art ideas, sometimes its better to just go with the flow of the moment and follow your artistic instinct! so I guess last night I was feeling like a bit of a wild girl! ^_^ ... they've been on for a day now and I'm still really happy with these nails!
  I actually really like the heart nail, I might do this design and colour scheme on all my nails I think it'd look pretty blinged out!
Here is a little look at my lovely birthday boy and his cake which I painstakingly lovingly baked for him from scratch all on my own! I hope he liked it (I did!) Happy Birthday to him!

Back soon with some new nails for you..hopefully the sugar high will have worn out by then! Have a good weekend everybody.


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