Candy pop nails

These are my pretty pastel Candy pop nails, I haven't had such sugary sweet nails is a little while .. nice and girly!
I painted my nails white to begin with and then sponged over them in pastel shades to create a nice pale gradient.
I used dotting tools in varying sizes to add dots first in white polish and then in brighter colours on top.
I finished up with a couple of coats of clear top coat to seal the look.
 In other news I've had another 'work-related' injury which sucks..I smoooshed my little finger in between these kinda 'crate' thingys and caused this kinda ugly looking disaster (below) ..this is soo not what I want in my photos!! lol I really need to work on my clumsiness! I hope it heals quickly so it doesn't have to feature in too many designs!
Thanks for stopping by, I'll be back soon with some more for you, have a nice weekend everyone!


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  1. Sweet indeed:) i see that the dotting tool is so useful and it makes the design look so nice! you know, as I don't have a dotting tool...I use an old ball pen instead! lol :)))have a great day!

  2. These are yummy and the perfect end of summer nail art!