Poison Ivy nails

 I recently found myself watching a Batman movie on tv (?!) I hadn't seen it before but I quickly got distracted by Poison Ivys nails... they don't actually show them that much without her gloves on through-out the film but luckily she's quite a saucy character (when the gloves are off - ROFL)... so the weirdos of youtube had kindly already uploaded plenty of HD, zoomed in, slow mo, replay edits of the 'Robins kiss' scene which coincidently her hands and nails feature in quite a bit... eermm thanks guys, but kind of wish I could go back and un-read some of the descriptions/comments now lol..*
She has a pretty flamboyant style..if somebody had said Poison Ivy nails and I hadn't seen these I think I would have come up with something pretty different but it's so darn on-trend as well with the neon and the high lighted moons, good work Poison Ivy hehe..I think mine came out a bit brighter - I'm impressed by how 'comic book' ish they look, I would definatley wear these for a supehero/villain costume party ... *sighs wistfully* I should be so lucky ;-)
Tip: I used a very pale pink/white tinted base polish for this look (instead of clear/transluscent)..I find it helps to give my nail an even colouration from the start when I use light coloured polishes like yellow because my nails are long right now and the line across the tip of the nail can otherwise be more noticable.
To copy the nails I used neon yellow by BYS (05 Frightening lightning), this is after 3 x coats (and base coat), when the yellow had dried I filled in the moons using first a cherry pink colour by Sue Moxley (Famous no# 10)  with Models Own  (pink punch) on top to give it the bright neon finish. I finished it up with a clear top coat. Nothing toooo difficult I know but it's still pretty eye-catching, I'm pleased with it!
 I'm not generally a super hero movie kinda gal - call me crazy but I feel like men in leotards hanging out on roof tops are probably asking for Kick -ass chicks with killer nails, heels and an army of evil plants on the other hand seem a little more up my street but they wind up eating her in the end so I'm might just stick to being a bonita for now..until my powers are needed anyways ^_^
I hope you like this movie inspired look, I have a lot of exciting ideas planned for some coming designs so stay tuned... thanks for reading x
*Disclaimer - Due to the part of the movie that these nails feature most heavily in and the afore mentioned comments on utube it is highly possible that these nails may be subliminaly linked to involuntary hormonal reactions in a specific age group of males (the ones that were about 15 at the time of this film). Basically: don't blame me if you get a load of dodgy admirers hanging around you 'cause you were wearing this design down at the comic book store lol


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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, agh Im still getting over my jealousy of your nail stash photos ^_^

  2. Your nails look awesome! I shall have to give highlighted moons a try soon :)

  3. i really need to master this technique because its so cute!

    1. Thanks for visiting, I find it helps to use a fine nail art brush to paint the moons on..start a bit smaller than you want them to be,then stop and have a look at all 10 together and then neaten them up/ make them bigger as required.. hope this helps , good luck x

  4. This post still makes me laugh, especially the disclaimer and your unique thoughts on superheros, haha. I'm quite fond of superheros.. and geeks, maybe you should do me these nails and we'll head on down to the comic book store and try out their powers? ..or maybe not ;)