Beautybird nail foils review

For today's post I'm going to be reviewing some 'Stick Up!' nail wraps, I received these 3 designs through the mail from Beautybird and I couldn't have been more excited to get started!
The package arrived really quickly, it states 3-4 days on the site and that was accurate - I thought it might be longer.
I got a pink and white paisley/ realistic leopard print and hot pink with dalmation spots. Cute, cute, cute! I decided to focus on the paisley design for this post, but I will post the others up too when I use them. is a German based company run by Susa Chakeri and Nina Skarabela  they specialise in the latest products and pride themselves on knowing what every girl wants before they can get it anywhere. They boast a wide selection of self adhesive nail foils/wraps among other things, their online shop stocks the latest celebrity trends and original designs, their emphasis is on fun, cool, must- have designs. The girls seek out and personally approve all the products that they sell online while their personal appointments are filled by Munich's up and coming young socialites.
Click HERE to go direct to their selection of Stick Up nail foils.
 above is quick peek at a few of the different categories you will find,
 (1) animal (2) design (3) wiesn (4) classic (5) moon.

One thing I found really cute about this site is their selection of 'Wiesn' patterned foils.. I'm struggling to find a translation for this word but it appears to be adorable twists on traditional German themes such as pretzels,  foaming beer jug 'cheers' nails , an amazingly quirky 'King Ludwig set (3) and even a design with little German 'dirndl' dresses...  these really are designs you couldn't find anywhere else! Will patriotic nails be the next big thing...I kinda hope so now!
Everything was sealed securely and came in a padded envelope. The packaging on the individual sets is smart it looks like a nice quality product. Each set includes:
instructions (including pictures) on the back of the pack,
a set of 20 nail foils,
a padded emery board.
On first inspection the nails have a glossy smooth surface, I'm pleased to see they are all going to be large enough to use. The nails have a small break-of flap to hold onto when peeling off the backing paper which is handy.
First I have to clean my nails and apply clear nail varnish/base coat, I already pushed my cuticles back.
I sized up my nails to chose which sticker to stick to which nail,
Peel the sticker off the backing using the flap and align the base with your cuticle edge (don't go too close to the cuticle).
At this point it is possible to reposition the sticker if you aren't happy at first,  when you are happy that it is straight simply press/rub the sticker onto the nail surface- starting at the base and ensuring it is uncreased and smooth all the way to the tip.
Use the file provided to file away the excess paper, it comes away easily with very little pressure required.
Repeat on all remaining nails.
Finally it's recommended to apply a clear top coat to seal the look and help them to last.
Personally I think they look great, the stickers are thin enough to smooth on easily but sturdy enough that it is not fiddly or getting creased in the application process.. I had no problem getting crease free edges and the sticky side seems thoroughly adhered.
The prices for the sets vary between 3 euros up to 9 euros- it's worth remembering that there is 20 stickers per pack so it is good for 2 sets of nails..
 The website claims the nail foils last twice as long as nail polish when applied correctly. I had these on for 4 days (of working) and noticed how well they lasted, the surface area is basically chip resistant (which makes it much more durable for work..I'm always bumping my nails and chipping/scratching them normally but this wasn't a problem with these foils.. after the second day the tips began to show a bit of wear but nothing noticeable, I applied more top coat on the tips and they still looked darn good by the 4th day! I was pleasantly surprised with how well they lasted at work, I've done the dishes numerous times and really put them though they're paces and I have to be honest I am impressed!
This pic shows the foils after 2 days, with very minimal wear just on the tip edge.
 I think I could get at least another day out of them would have definitely been longer if I hadn't had to work as well- because my job is sooo rough on all my nails (so that is basically twice as long as my nail polish would last if I had the same amount of work going on).
This pic shows the foils after 4 days, with just the slightest bit more wear on the tip was actually hard to get a pic which showed anything worse than this because this was the only damage it got before I removed them ^_^

I know nail foils are considered a bit pricey sometimes for a single-use product but if you compare it to getting nail art this detailed from any salon you would be looking at paying a lot more! I think they are great for special occasions or holidays because I don't have any worries about them chipping, once they're on they feel secure and look professionally done.. so many people have complimented me and asked me about my 'nail art', they definitely get noticed!

Over-all I was really impressed by these foils... I have tried store brought ones before that were too useless to even blog about but Beautybird has a very nice quality of product and also an excellent selection, I would definitely recommend them in the future.

Thanks for reading, back soon with some more nail art and some more reviews too!
This review is based on my own considered opinions, I have not received any money for the feature and do not work for this or any related company..


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  1. Great review! And this tutorial is really helpful! The nails look awesome! I'm suprised how neat and smooth they look :)

  2. Thanks for commenting- I was suprised too by how much it look smoothe and shiny like nail polish when it was on- I kind of wanted to lie and go along with it when people said to me 'wow' your nail art is soooo detailed haha but I didn't ..I swear I told the truth haha

  3. So interesting, haven't seen these wraps yet in our shops. Thanks for sharing nail art innovations :)

  4. Glad you posted this, I've been wanted to buy something similar and was worried it'd be easy to mess up

  5. What a pretty design. You have a lovely blog hun, happy to be a following:)

    Sara xx