Tiki tiger nails - Trosani polish

Hi Im back, these are my Tiki tiger nails all the polishes you see here are by Trosani, it is a new brand for me but one which I can see my self getting quite addicted to!  These look so bright and eye-catching out in the sunshine.
I am really happy to be bringing you some purple nails today, I'm pretty picky about purples but this is one that I just love! It's a kind of bold, bluebell, indigo/violet tone   It's called Magic moon (shade 24 ) this is after 3 coats, it has a really nice consistency - nice and fluid and builds up evenly, dries quickly between coats as well as having a great med/wide brush size which makes application really quick.
This purple shade has a slight matte quality to it but I always finish up with top coat so you wont see that in my pics. I would recommend using a base coat with this brand because the colours are so bright you wouldn't want to tint your natural nails but it is generally best to always use a base coat anyway to help create a smooth surface for applying colour onto.
For the neon flicks I used Trosani nail art stripers which I have in neon pink, poison green and juicy orange -  I went over the flicks twice because it was on quite a dark background with the purple but they are just so nice and bright I don't think I needed to worry about it not showing up! These are 4.99 euros which is abooouutt £3.90 - that's a good price in my experience ..
The company Trosani is another German based brand (you will most likely need to use the translate page option) but it is worth the look they stock just about everything nail related from a huge varied selection of  files, foils, nail art appliques, confetti, caviar beads, polishes, uv polishes, acrylic nails products ...pretty much everything as I said! I have some of the Blixz nail foils available from their site up for review soon as well. The polishes are priced at 6,90Euro (£5.42) for 17ml bottle and the range is full of beautiful colours that I waaaannnttttt in my collection! I have a few more to show you but not as many as I would like ^_^  They also have nail care products, I am using their cuticle nourisher oil at the moment which smells really good (like fresh lemons) cuticle area has been pretty bad recently so I'm hoping the results will visible in my pics soon, you have to give these things a chance to get working but I'm sure I see an improvement already (yay).

Here is a sneak peek at the other gorgeous brand new shades I have in this range, the colours (from L to R in the pic) are as follows: #61 Tweety love, #62 Maja fever, #65 Pearl malibu, #64 Melon, #71 Sweet kiss, #77 Ruby red, #9 Sparkle pink, #14 Bon bon (I KNOW!!!! awesome) and #24 Magic moon... I really recommend giving these polishes a try if you haven't already (especially if you like bold colours!) I'm finding it hard to find fault with them!
I hope you like my nails today, it's based on some nail art I did a while back which some of you may remember Friday fiesta nails - it's a pretty quick and simple look to achieve (especially if you have some nice nail art striper polishes to make life easier!
Thanks for reading, in case you were noticing that there is a ton of links in this post it's because (as I mentioned) the Trosani site is primarily in German, so I thought it might make life a lot easier to just go to the direct catergories if it's your first visit..
 I'll be back with more nail related excitement as soon as I can!


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  1. Very pretty!

  2. These are gorgeous, the colours match the clothes I'm wearing today! :)