Cheery cheetah print nails

So.. here they are, the short nails debut: I needed to have something super cheerful to distract me from how strange it feels having short nails all of a sudden... so I went for this mango-coloured print mani.
I used Trosani polishes again in #62 Maja fever, #24 Magic moon and #14 Bon bon... I used a dotting tool for the pinks spots and my fine nail art brush for the purple detail.
(some more info about Trosani polishes in THIS post).
I really used to struggle with leopard/cheetah print (whats the difference?! I don't know) I remember practicing a bunch of different ways and being so frustrated that none of them looked how I wanted them to but now leopard(or cheetah) print is really a quick simple one for me to do which I barely have to think about when I'm doing it.. I just wanted to share this because sometimes it feels like you will never get the hang of something and it kinda sucks but you'll get there in the end.. keep trying and practice will pay off before you know it! 
I think this design has done the trick because I don't even mind my short nails now really... it's always a bit unfamiliar if they all have to go super short at once but I actually kind've enjoy watching them progress through my blog posts it interests me to see how long they take to grow again each time... oh and it's a good opportunity to try some designs aimed at short nails for a bit as well!
Hope you like them, back soon with some more for you x


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  1. Oh, now these are awesome! Loving the colours and pattern!

  2. i see again, that even short nails can look awesome! liking that cheery background color :) keep it up!

    1. hiya glad you like them, thnx for your comment x