double vision polka dot nails (spring pastels)

 Here are some pastel pretties I created earlier, my sis wanted something fun but using pale colours and not too crazy because she has a job interview coming up (positive thoughts).. so after muuuucccccchhhhh deliberation we came up with this tri-colour, double vision, polka dot look.
 How cute is the ring! it came on top of a all rings should arrive pehaps? Spring is the perfect time of year for cute pastel colour schemes I like the mix of warm and cool tones, the pale lime green is quite subtle but it adds to the springy feel.. aah it looks so nice and girly in contrast to some of the designs I'm wearing at the moment!
Back soon I'm sure, have a good week everyone!


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  1. Cute mani...the ring is adorable :)

    1. thaanks! hehe I had such trouble deciding which cake (ring) I wanted to buy lol one day soon I'm sure I'll grow up haha