Shimmer sisters (and mama)

Had a very glittery day- my work station looks like a fairy riot took place ^_^ I love it hehe! I went over to do my mums nails first she went for a pinky glitter fade (UV gel polish) with a pale pearly pink sheen for the base.. sorry about the pics though because I just quickly snapped them on my mobile before I left..  I love it when I'm allowed to do nail art for my mum because check how long her thumb nails are wow they are a miracle aswell because she works really hard and I have no idea how they survive it!
The glitter colours on the pale base make for such a yummy raspberry pavlova effect its really cute. Mama was pleased and thats the main thing!
 Next I decided that I totally wanted to jump back on the glitter fade band wagon and created these 'sour grapes' nails... sour lemons and purple for the grape (of course) ^_^
 I used a nice selection of juicy grapey purple glitters/irridescents and some funky lemon fimos to decorate.. I also added in those big pentagonal glitters to glitz them up even more (I really like this effect)!
...and finally I did my The deer little fawns nails to match us (so that we can hang out and pretend like we're in a mermaid girl band!)
 For this look I used a selection of super fine glitters and irridescents in a turquoise/blue/royal blue scheme and created these beautiful (if I do say it myself) ocean nails, I used the larger glitter pieces in this look aswell because I'm really feeling this look!! they shimmer sooooo much it's like a magic blue waterfall at your finger tips! (...Daydream central)
Back soon with some more summer nails , have a great week everybody!


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