Mermaid nails and Caviar manicure technique!

Today I have mermaid nails as suggested by my sister, I hope you like these!! I wanted to show you a caviar manicure technique aswell so I decided to combine it in with my mermaid look (makes sense to me ^_^  ) it is really simple to achieve and the professional kits by Ciate are highly sought after from what I gather - not too sure why tbh as it was incredibly easy to recreate ..looks cool .. mega blingy!
I started with a teal/green base colour.
I did different designs on the nails, I used a clear polish and applied gems, pearls and sequins before dusting with ultra fine glitter.
On some nails I created a glitter fade - simply pick up your glitter using a fan brush and sprinkle over the the tip as desired and using a lighter irridescent glitter fill in the bottom section in the same way.
Blow away excess glitter dust and wait for it all to dry nicely before applying your clear glitter polish on top to seal.
for the caviar nails I used clear polish,micro beads and a plastic tray to catch the excess microbeads, It is so simple:
Coat your nail(s) with a clear coat and sprinkle on micro beads in whatever colour you like. (neaten up any sticking out at the edges and around the cuticle using an orange stick and your finger tip.
Apply another layer of clear polish on top of the microbeads (gently and not too thick) apply another sprinkling of micro beads to any gaps and again neaten up with a finger tip.
I coated the tip with a final coat of clear polish as suggested on the video on the Ciate website! great result I think and really quite quick to achieve mind blowing results...kinda wish I just did all different colours of this on all my nails as I have tonnes of microbeads and they totally outshine my other mermaidy nails!
Hope you like these nails and give the Caviar technique a go just to see how simple it is, I definatley had my reservations at first but I liked it as soon as I tried it, it dried pretty much as quick as a regular polish (which I'd been wondering about) but I used quite a quick drying brand which may have helped me. It's been a while since I did any 3D nail stuff it takes me back to when (and why) I started my blog in the first place just because of all the different awesome techniques there are out there to explore and be inspired by.. I just hope I have inspired some people along the way aswell!


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  1. You did a fantastic job...very nice!!!

  2. Wow! I saw such kind of micro beads in our shop as well.I'll try to make something out of them ))) I love your art!