Purple pearl rainy day nails

 Today I created this look for my mum, I used purple UV gel polish with a pearlescent top coat, I finished it with a shimmery white and pink flourish in the corner of each nail.. I think it looks kind've 80's in the end result..think its the pink and purple combo ^_^ hopefully they will get my mum some compliments while she wears them I heard her pink glitter look was really popular so that's always nice to know!!
whenever I do my mums manicures it always reminds me how short my nails are right now!! Her nails are really strong too ..I keep wondering what the secret is! If I find out I'll be sure to let you know .. also.. I always forget to take my camera along so another phone camera selection here I'm afraid but I managed a few decent pics.
I'll be back soon with something new, thanks for reading! Ciao x


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