yellow glitter and nice new things!

heres a quick look at my nails from yesterday and today, I went for this golden yellow colour nice and bright and sunny with a random glitter polish on top.
This pic was in day light ^^^ (you can see the glitter colours on the thumb nail)
Up close this glitter is a mix of tiny micro glitter and larger pieces of very pale gold,green and pink hexagonal glitter it's really unusual, I think it works well with the yellow but maybe a more neutral colour would make the different subtle colours in the glitter more noticeable.
I was shopping yesterday with my sister and we went to my favourite boutique of the moment it just popped up around Christmas time, it's called 'Aha' and literally everything they sell makes me squeal with delight! it's just filled to the brim with cute kawaii style accesories, stationary and household stuff (tons of cuteness) it has become my first stop when buying gifts for anyone and everyone - especially myself!!! I tried to include a link but I can't find one ..sooorrryyy but I promise to add it if I do find out they have an online shop!
 this time lucky me I found these 2 amazing rings which I am a sucker for because I'm always taking photos of my hands... check out the little fishy on the cat ring!! aaawww and soo cheap I couldn't believe my luck! the rainbow glass one is so summery as well it looks so jazzy in the sunlight.. I just love it actually! Just thought I'd share these 2 purchases because they put me in a great mood!
I have had yellow glitter toes for about a week already and as it's toes out weather finally (hooray) people keep commenting on them ^_^ I'm glad it's not just me who's getting into super glittery yellow this spring hehe they've been very popular - the girl in the shoe shop was asking me a ton of questions about my nail polishes !! (of course I was more than happy to tell her more than she ever wanted to know haha)
(sorry about my toes haha they look better with shoes)
and as for the shoes... well judge for yourself but I think I'm in love ^_^ !!!!!!! another bargain too because my true love bought these for me mwah! I am so lucky this week maybe it's the yellow glitter effect?!
Hope you are all having a nice week what ever the weather! I'll be back soon I have a technique that I really want to share on here so stay tuned!
 What I used:

Models Own - Sun kissed
Claires cosmetics - (can't find a name or code here sorry)
(my toes are uv gel polish with yellow irridescent glitter bomb/rock star technique..thats why they're sooo sparkly!)
The background is actually from the same shop I got the rings from - its a mouse mat but I use it to do my nails on because it's the kind with a handy little padded section at the base to rest you wrist on. so cute ^_^


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