clock nails

Hi everybody - here are my new nails as of yesterday, I feel like I'm always trying to keep to my schedule: my alarm clock gets me up everyday and then I'm always checking to see if I'm running late (yet) for work and then keeping track of when I can go for my coffee break! ... I'm a total clock watcher so come wednesday afternoon  at work (I'm off for 2 days after that) I am literally checking the clock every 5 seconds to see if it's finishing time.. I even stopped wearing my watch at work to stop the obsession but this week I guess I'm still in the habit.. I came up with this design on the spur of the moment but I think it had kinda been staring me in the face for most of the day aswell haha ^_^
 So now I can clock watch as much as I want haha but it won't get me very far.. I feel like I've got a million clock/time related phrases on the tip of my tongue but I can't think of a good one for these nails.. time flies when your having fun? maybe I've got too much time on my hands? lol something like that..insert your own time related quote here hehehe.
 I think the pale blue background quite adds to the 'Alice in wonderland' feeling of these nails, maybe it could be added into another nail art look themed around Alices adventures? that could be cute ^_^
 I totally love that story and haven't done the nails yet..hmmm
Heres (above) a close-up pic so you can see the gold detail around the clock faces.
This look is a really good one for short nails because the clock faces would look rounder - I do like the slightly elongated clocks though they look a bit trippy or Salvador Dali-esque.
 Hope you like the look, it could work with different colours or a different clock design too but I like the simplicity of it. back soon with some more for you x


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  1. Love this design so much...I have a fascination for watches and clocks.

  2. thanks..I like clocks and watches too glad you like it!

  3. This design is charming, I wish I was good nail art!

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  5. A very nice idea of a clock design! Does it remind me of Alice in wonderland?:)))