Short and sweet nails

Hi again, here's some more nails I made for Deer little fawn (click the link to see a post she did recently which reallly made me's very cool). We both like these colours so much I wish I had a real cake in these yummy colours right now! I don't know what flavour that would be but mmmmm.. haha sorry I digress.. back to the nails:
I like doing nail art for my sister because a) she always likes whatever design I do ^_^ lol and b) she always starts out by saying something like - aaw but my nails are so short and un-even etc. and I like prooving her wrong because it really is nooo problem to have nail art whatever length your nails are... where theres a will theres a way!!
This particular design is good for nails that are un even lengths because the randomness of the icing hides the lengths better than something which is meant to be the same on each nail. I also think that the french tip effect of having a different colour tip can make the nails look longer than they really are. 
Hope you like them -I'll be back soon with some more.. bye for now!


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  1. This is so cute I think I will do this for the weekend :D

  2. nice art nail. really pretty