Peach fizz nails

 Hi these are my peach fizz nails, I've been pretty busy this past week so my posts have been a bit sparse, sorry anyone if you have been missing me ^_^  this post is super short so it will not be much consolation I'm afraid but I will be back soon with some more nails in no time.
 I just used pale peach and pinky coral coloured polishes to make a sponged background, on top of that I used a random glitter from claires cosmetics (no name). The glitter flecks are pale gold, green and pink with a bit of gold micro glitter aswell.. I like the look just sorry it's so simple!
 I like the peachy colour scheme it's nice for summer fingers, back soon with someting a bit more inspired I promise!! Happy July!


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  1. This looks adorable, and so simple :)xx

  2. I like these design. Very tender colors and these small glitters make the nails look posh :)))

  3. Aww these look great, love the colours. And I love the glitter :)

    Devon xx