Tribal energy nails

Hiya I'm back already...
As promised here is another design for you, I know it's so similar to the last one - I really wanted to experiment more with the look. I did change up the polishes a little and I used a lighter/ brighter pink polish this time.
I think these pictures came out really well the colours look so exciting. I prefer the tribal design to the previous one, I like how you can see more of the background colour showing through in this design.
soooo... hope you like them anyway, I have a lot of ideas at the moment so I guess I'll be posting again soon, thanks for reading x


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  1. Heeee (:
    Recently I came back from my holiday in France.
    And guess what I found when I came back home?
    The give-away presents that you've send me (:
    It was really nice to find it when you just come home, tired, after a long day of traveling (:
    Thanks a lot!! :D

    1. I'm glad it made it to you safely! hope you had a nice trip! thanks for letting me know you got it too x

  2. Wow these nails look great will have to try them :)

    I love the colours changing in the background and the patterns on top :)

    Devon x

    1. Thanks glad you like them, love to see them if you do try the style!