Mister mouse nails

 These are my lime green Mister mouse nails, I created them very quickly this evening as it's been another week of busy busying around.. My clock nails lasted until today (I could hardly believe I didn't chip them yet!) but I was too tired to do a full blown nail art look so I used these cute transfers. Very easy- I will do a tutorial for the technique either tomorrow or thurs because I'm off work after tomorrow afternoon...hooorraaaaay 
 So yeah stay tuned for a tutorial it is coming soon! In the mean time I'll be enjoying these - I've had these transfers for years now, you know how some things you just don't quite want to use up and you keep seeing it in the back of the drawer... haha well today was the day for these and I'm really pleased how tidy they came out!
I have no idea which way up the writing is meant to go tho ^_^ or what the heck it says lol (could be risky) but I'm gunna take my chances coz I think the transfers are definitely meant for kids so I should be safe.. but consider this a disclaimer haha
Thanks for reading, back very soon with a new post!


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  1. Such a cute cheeky look, I thought you'd hand-painted them before I read on - they look great!


  2. So cute, I need to get my hands on some quirkier nail transfers!