Confetti nails

How cute are these confetti nails..if I may say so myself ^_^ hehe I created them for my sister (she really like her previous nails so I went for a similar theme)
I used UV gel polish here so hopefully she'll get that extra bit of wear out of them.
 I'm using ECO soak off UV gel for this mani, I applied the base coat/ colour/ top coat  (as standard gel manicure) - I then wiped the sticky residue off and cleansed the nails before using regular nail polish colours to add the dots - Once the polish was thoroughly dried I added another clear top coat of UV gel.. it worked out fine and I was really happy to be able to use my regular polishes combined with the UV gel in this way!
 I think the colours are so sweet together.. and I know Deer little fawn was very happy with the end result - I always love how glossy gel nails look! I think white gels look nice for summer ..kinda makes your hands look more tanned?!
Hope you like them, back as soon as I get my photos organised for the next post! thanks for reading x


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  1. really nice nails, did you overlay the dots or are they seperated?

  2. I'm not sure what you mean sorry?