Star child nails

As promised here is another quick post for you, these are my sisters hands.. she was really jealous of my cosmic nails back in May and has been desperate for her own version ever since!
Having finally got some time off on the same day I was happy to oblige, I really liked her ideas for the colour scheme - she wanted a realistic dark rich midnight sky with glittering stars effect and I think it suits her perfectly.. hopefully she'll get some wear out of it seeing as she's always at work it might not last too long but 'starry' fingers crossed!
 I took quite a few pics because I thought they turned out really nicely - for the stars I used some white polish and some silver for a shimmery look, I also layered on a bit of irridescent  glitter over the bigger cross shaped stars so they twinkle in the light.
 So I hope you like them, my sister was very happy to finally have her vision come to life. Back soon with something new for you ..stay tuned!


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  1. Very cool! and very fitting for her, the "star gazer" haha! Oh she's back now, ha, I'll go see them in person!

  2. p.s. you've still got captcha on, I don't mind, just letting you know because I thought you'd taken it off. x

  3. Well... awesome as usual!:)) love the shading:)) guess your sis was very happy!