french crystal tips

 This is a very simple tutorial to recreate (a little easier still on someone else..I always struggle to do a perfect french on my right hand but practice makes perfect) I wanted to show how to get an easy gradient effect with a glitter polish that makes your tips look really magical and sparkly.
1) I used Models own - Buff pink for the base
 2) I did my tips free hand in Snow white by M.O.
 3) Next apply your glitter just to the tips of your nails.. in the same way you do a regular french. I used Juicey Jules glitter it's soo nice it twinkles like diamonds!
 4) Allow to dry and then add a second layer of glitter to each tip.. this time drag the glitter polish lightly from the centre of the nail to the tip to create a nice look which is denser glitter at the tip (because of the previous step) very easy and no need to apply thick layers of glitter polish which is going to take ages to dry/get off!
Glittery nails never photograph as pretty as they look in real life these are like ice dancer nails! I was so pleased to finally have the little bit of length back so I could do french tips, I'm out of practice! hope you like these.. I think they would look nice and glitzy for a prom or even bridal/ bridesmaid nails - catch you soon with some more designs!


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