Happy Mothers Day nails

In the UK today we have Mothers day, Happy Mothers day mum! so obv. I wanted to give my mum a manicure and gel polish, my sisters and I chipped in and gave her 2 tickets to see Legally Blonde the musical - which is such a great show it's really funny I went with my boyfriend and we both really laughed...there's even a real life 'actor' doggy in it and he's so cute and good at being in the show! So I hope my mama enjoys her night when she goes... I'd really recomend that show to anyone! ^_^
She chose this nice pearly pink which I created with 2x coats of 'Hot pop pink' Shellac colour and 1x coat of 'moonlight and roses' Shellac colour.. I think they look really good - the Moonlight and roses polish looks great on top of most colours I've tried it with because its so pearly.  
The backdrop to my photos was a gift aswell, my sis painted her this cigar box with her signature roses style it's soooo pretty the colours really stand out on the wooden background...and I love the pink scalloped edge pattern (all in all it was a pretty pink day!)
You can see more of my sisters art/painting/drawing on her lovely blog Deer little fawn
Back soon with some more nails for you, hope everyone had a good weekend!


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  1. Hope you had a good time with your mom, cherish her ...I lost mine almost 2 years ago, and I still miss her :)