Porcelain nails

My nails today! I'm really liking these.. I was torn between calling them 'porcelain nails' as that was what I had in mind when painting them or 'blue moon' nails as I was really happy with the effect of the detailed moon.. I went with porcelain (obv.) ^_^ 
 I wanted to recreate the delicate pale pink and blue style I've seen on old tea sets, I used (1 of my faves) Gold coin by revlon to look like little 'gilded' leaves, for the white base I have a tip actually.. I applied 2 coats of my white polish but felt it still looked kind've streaky ... this always seems to be the problem with whatever white I try, I decided instead of adding another coat of the white to try a pearlized polish instead and I was sooo pleased I did! I will be remebering this for the future as it totally evened out the whole base so well!
I haven't included step by step pics today I didn't get a chance but all the information you would need to re-create this look can be found in my  Russian doll or Gypsy nails posts.
 What I used:
Models Own - (L to R)
Dream stream
Prussian blue
Slate green
Soda pop pink
Sophies pink
Snow white (not pictured)
Revlon - Gold coin
Beauty UK - Pearl
M.U.A - black

Hope you like them, back soon with something new for you!


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  1. So pretty! You are very talented!
    If you want to check it out, on my blog I have a lot of my nail art pictures (i'm not as good as you though lol) :)))