Friday fiesta nails

Hiya I'm back with more brights. This was such a simple design to create - I got some new nail striper polishes in lot's of nice exciting colours so really I kinda just wanted to try out a few of the new colours but now I'm loving this crazy party pinata look.

I just used bright yellow Beauty UK polish for the base and layered up stripe patterns in different colours, I like the pink edges (a bit hard to see in these pics, but I painted a sort of pink 'U' around the cuticle edge)- I'm going to use this in another look ^_^   Over all  I think they have such a celebration/ fiesta feel about them now they're finished.

In other nail related news.. If your a regular to my blog you may have noticed hoooow short mine are right now.. I don't usually have them short but they had been getting kind of weak at the ends (my job is such a nail ruining environment grrr) so I decided to cut them really low and give them a chance to grow back STRONGER (do you hear me nails!! strooonger! lol) so I'm just waiting for them to grow back now ...don't worry though I have still got plenty of nail art designs for short nails in store.


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  1. Loveee these! They remind me of colourful tigers. I nominated you for a liebster blog award :)