Beth's cloud nails

I knew my sister would be all over this lovely powder blue polish from my new collection when it was time for her regular mani - ( I wasn't wrong hehe) she went for cloud nails style which always look cute ( I love trying new colour combos on this kind of simple design) and she picked out super cute spring pastel colours Soda Pop Pink and Beth's Blue both by Models Own and she wanted a gold lining so I used Revlon Gold Coin (it's nice and sparkly but with good coverage with just 1 coat - so perfect for nail art). The finished look reallly reminded me of the Katy Perry vid: California Gurls ft. Snoop Dogg, it's like bubblegum or a fairground carousel..  so sweet ^_^
Hope you like them , have a great weekend everybody..don't forget Mothers Day on Sunday if you're in the UK! ^_^
What I used:
Models Own - Soda pop pink & Beth's blue
Revlon - Gold Coin
Models Own top/base coat (not pictured).


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  1. cute, I like the colors together!

  2. Thanks! I think they turned out nice!

  3. So cute and fun :) Loving pastel colours for spring right now xxx