Models Own haul! and Crystal tips: 2 posts in 1

 Look at all these great shades! I'm so happy to have a nice collection finally so now I can get to work properly! I've been making some wheels to display all the different types of nail art I can offer and I spent some time today fixing them up on photo editer thingy so that they have the clouds and text and stuff.. I'm pleased with how clear they look - I will make an ad as soon as I get a telephone number for my business.. exciting!
 Obviously I couldn't wait to try these beautiful colours out and it tough was picking the special first try out shades.... I was feeling brights so I took it to the extreme ... My left hand is in 'Aciiied' which is a kickin' zesty lime green/neon yellow...looks so eye catching - and for my right hand I choose to go with (after much deliberation) the totally fluoro 'Pink punch' my photos in no way do that polish justice! (the true-est representation is the v.last pic but you have to see it to believe it really ^_^ )
Next I applied 'Mixed Up' which is such a coooool dense black and holo glitter - I applied it in a gradient so its denser at the tip.
 The other favourite of the glitters was 'Juicy Jules' which is so pretty, silvery/ rainbowy holo dense glitter - I applied it in the exact same way as the previous glitter.. I like to call this technique crystal tips (for obvious reasons).
 I included this photo even though it's super blurry - because you can see how nice and sparkley it looks in this one!
And then finished it up with a nice coat of top coat to smooth of these rockin glitter nails...I'm SO happy with them... how could a girl not be happy with such an awesome haul! I have my amazing boyfriend to thank for that..oooh dontcha just love 'em!
The finished hands - I loove these brights! couldn't wait to try out the 'Aciiied' shade from the moment I ordered it and it totally didn't dissapoint (such a funny name too...can't believe they called it that but it's a good description lol) it's a shame you can't see how amazing the 'Pink Punch' shows up though! ( I included a daylight swatch at the bottom so you can look).
 This shows the 'Pink Punch' polish in the centre of the display's sooo fluoro! looks a bit orange but its definatley BRIGHT pink.
Other colours you can see here are all by Models own:(L-R) Pink buff, Soda pop pink, Pink blush, Sophies pink, Pink punch, Coral reef, Zest-a-peel, Sunkissed, Aciiied.

other colours in my Models Own collection:
Endamame, Lime green, Slate green, Dream stream, Prussian blue, Purple imperial, Pinky brown beetle juice, Scarlet sparkle, Red alert, Naked shimmer, Beth's blue, Snow white, Juicy jules, Mixed up and 3 in 1 base and top coat.


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  1. Thanks! glad you like it..having so many colouurs makes it really hard to decide!

  2. Freakin awesome! ..I particularly like the perfect rainbow coloured order of the polishes in the top pic.. almost as if you have a slightly OCD sister to come round and organise your polishes via colour ;) That is officially my job from now on by the way. I'm gonna use it on my CV.. I also do crayons, paints and wool ;) My official title will be "Rainbow Maker"

  3. thanks chicadee i do appreciate your rainbow making!