bamboo nail fail ^_^

I tried to do a bamboo inspired nail design but I don't really like it in the end.. boo - I don't think bamboo is my speciality ^_^ wish I had some panda decals I could stick over the top lol! I like the colours though and it's the bamboo stays... (for now!) bad nail day...sigh
Back soon with a (hopefully) more inspiring post I promise! thanks for reading.


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  1. This is absolutely beautifully and delicately done, and the designs are really pretty, but I think you're right that in the end it doesn't quite work. I love the green colour though! I definitely wouldn't call these "bad nails" - for that you'd have to see mine, lol!

    I always love seeing your nail designs!

  2. I dont think it looks like bamboo, but I still think it's cute :)
    (LMAO @ 'bad nail day' hahahaha!)