Gypsy nails

These are my gypsy nails, I really enjoy painting the 'folky' floral style nails they always work out pretty whatever colours I'm feeling for at the time and they're easy to learn. I have a step by step for you aswell ..lucky lucky ^_^ oh and also Happy Birthday to Deer little fawn ..another year wiser.. and more awesomer at painting by the look of her totally amaaazing paintings (seriously check out the link!!) but anyways that just had to be shared, now on with the tutorial..

1) Choose your base colour.
 2) Create leaves I used a striper paint this time (always start with the background)
 3) Add highlights to your leaves in a lighter green or yellow colour.
 4) Use a large dotting tool to create neat petals.
 5) This time I added a fine cross (again with the striper paint) in the centre of each flower, I used pink and yellow.
 6) Using a darker colour and a very fine dotting tool add small central dots for the middle of the flower.
 7) No gypsy nails would be complete with out some glittering gold so I added golden coins around all the flowers to make it a bit more interesting..and thats it.
 8) Final step is always to secure with 1 or 2 coats of clear top coat for a nice even finish.

 What I Used:
Hot pink - Famous by Sue Moxley
Various striper paints - fraulein
Gold coin - Revlon (love this!)


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  1. Such a pretty look! I'd definitely give this one a try if my hands weren't so unsteady. That hot pink colour is gorgeous! :)



    1. I definatley don't have the steadiest hands but I practice alot, I find it rly helps to partly rest your (brush holding)hand on a flat/steady surface - it rly helps me (especially when painting my right hand)u could try this? thanks for your comment, have a good weekend!

  2. These are so pretty!
    I really love them!