Parrot pink Shellac!

this is the colour in indoor light.
I created this lucious pink/red coloured Shellac manicure using a regular Shellac basecoat, then 2 coats of a powder pigment/top coat mix (Parrot pink), then a clear Shellac top coat to seal it... The colour is just sooooo vibrant like fluroescent hot pink/red PLUS Check out how amazing it looks under the UV lamp! haha
 This makes me want to go to a nightclub ^_^ but also the beauty is that this shade stands out so great in daylight because it picks up any natural UV light and the colour totally beams... I love it! and the powder pigment works out sooo much cheaper than buying Shellac shades because you don't need to have 15ml of each colour that you want to try.
This pic was taken outside but apolagies as I took all of 2 secs snatching this pic on my phone on my work break so its pretty bleary...but just check out that Parrot pink! I can not stop staring at them!
This is outdoors in sunlight

After I had it on my nails a day or so I was even more in love with it than I first had been...especially coz I made it myself .. I decided to make it a label
I just drew the label with fineliner and coloured it in's hard to do something with such a small space to work on but I like the finished result! (I just washed and re- used a glass dazzle dust jar to keep it in - so that's what I stuck the label on in case your wondering! I wanted to cover the glass because its gel polish so I don't want the light getting in and making it gunky) after that I spent a bit too long making a funky little collage of my I'm a geek ^_^

Hope you like this post! it's a bit different I know, I was just excited about my discovery of making custom Shellac colours, let me know what you think or if anyone is doing similar stuff to this?
Thanks for reading - catch you soon!
Oh p.s. its so far lasting really perfectly..just like regular Shellac manicure..4 days so far and not a single scratch! and my job is soooo not kind to nails!!! I have it on fingers AND toes...*addicted* lol


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  1. gorgeous! Do you know if one could stamp over this!!

    1. yeah I guess so coz you can always use regular polish over Shellac- (I dont have ANY stamping equipment tbh) but I do nail art on top of Shellac with regular polish all the time, I just use a clear top coat at the's fine! coz my nails were weak before I just had clear Shellac on my nails for the extra strength and was doin all my usual nail stuff ontop.. makes no difference, if the nail art got chipped you could just remove it with NON acetone nail polish and your left with your lovely shiny Shellac just as good as new!

  2. Love this colour, and I can confirm taht it looks awesome in real life! They are fantastically bright! (..and I'm not just sucking up because I may want you to do my nails soon! hehe) x

  3. Lovely colour xx