Grey glitter nails

Hello lovely readers, hope everybody is well!

I created this look pretty quickly - I needed to have something on the safe/ subtle side of things as I had a trial shift today so I thought I better not turn up with my usual level of crazy nails just in case it wasn't appropriate!..sorry if they're a bit boring to look at but I will have more fun stuff up here very soon I promise!
The base colour is Smoky Canvas by Revlon, a polish I have had for a while but not really used too much. It has a really nice consistency, not streaky at all - it gave very good coverage after 2 coats.. I suppose the grey on it's own would have been playing it safe but I just couldn't leave them like that!
Its still snowing lots here so I added some nice irridescent glitter  in a gradient to frost up my nail look, this glitter is another old polish (by Claires cosmetics) it has such a nice mermaid-y finish and it's not to full on if you just want a hint of sparkle!.. I haven't really mixed greys with glitters before..I like it! ..who needs fifty shades of grey when you can just add glitter to whatever grey you already have!! lol
I hope you like this look, I have been busy lately with some real -life stuff and also with preparing a series of really fun looks to show you guys, it will be published here soon and I'm really excited to show you all what I've been up to so watch this space!
Thanks for reading everyone, back soon x


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  1. Thanks..I wasn't sure whether to post them up or not but I got some compliments already so all good! thanks for commenting x