Winter blush nails

Hiya back again, just a quick post for you today.

 This time I used a (another) new Claire's Cosmetics glitter (because I couldn't resist when I saw that some of them were on sale yay!) The Claire's polishes never have names, maybe there's a number to identify but I can never tell which it is... if I was going to name it I would call it 'Rosy glow' because the gold flecks give the pink hue a nice warm glow.

I wanted to experiment with this polish and get a true look at the shade so for this mani I kept it super simple.
I painted them in a gradient technique...this is very easy with glitter polishes that have a bit of colour in the base, no sponging required..
 Just build up the layers - I usually start by painting the tips - allow to dry, then paint another coat a little further back - allow to dry, then another coat a little further back etc. until you reach the cuticle edge and then top with clear polish.
I like these nails for January I think they're like rosy pink winter cheeks which is good because I've noticed a lot of people sporting the windswept look recently ^_^
Hope you like them, back soon x


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  1. These are so cute :) Sometimes you find the best things in Claires~ haven't been in that shop for a while now but most of their stuff are cute. Love these gradient nails and you did them so well~ Kind of reminds me of my favourite NARS blush hehe. You always do the best nail posts ^^
    X x X x

  2. Lovely colour! I might have to try that gradient technique with a glittery polish - thanks for the tip :)

  3. yes, this hue is very good for daily manicure, and glitter adds a little bit of chic:)but i could never do that shading..may be need to try more.

  4. Thanks girls.. glad you like it! the gradient technique I described is really simple I promise give it a go! back soon with some new pics x

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks x quite a compliment from a total gradient queen like yourself!! isn't this such a fresh look though, I loved wearing it...very subtle for me but still eye catching for those who appreciate nail art x