Hangin' on the telephone nails - #4 Dazzling diva

Hi everyone I have another awesome case to show you today and nails to match of course! - hopefully you're feeling inspired to join the craze by now but I still have a few more looks up my sleeve  ^_^  so without further delay I present todays design... 

Street style #4: Dazzling diva
The fourth case on display is another lovely available from a wide range at they have a great range of cases/covers for Samsung Galaxy S2 (which I have in the pics), Samsung Galaxy S3 and loads of other models/handsets.
This look is for the girl who wouldn't be caught dead without her signature gold jewelry and dazzling bling accessories this covetable case is a Click on 'Glamour pink' faceplate it easily 'clicks' on and off for a quick change of style from casual to catwalk queen.
 "Protective hard-case with cutouts for the camera and controls."
This case is a really chic, way to glam up your look with the golden touch whilst keeping in budget of your pocket money. I love the way it is totally metallic pink from some angles and then it can look white/glittery next time you see it... two looks in one!
Thanks! check out their: Shop by clicking on the link or check them out on: Face Book , Google+ , or via their UK Blog.
I hope you like todays nails and the flashy phone cover, I'll be back soon with more ciao for now x


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  1. beautifully chic! yes, this case is very glamorous, yet not sugary. same nails. I wonder how you capture the exact design! loving your recent projects, level up among your other beautiful projects.
    have a nice week!

  2. Thanks glad u like them, I used pink glitter over a white base and some pink metallic tape for the stripes, for the gold parts I cut some nail foils down to shape and applied on top.. this design was tricky because the case was so detailed .. the metallic colours are hard to photograph but I loved wearing the nails (haha I am the girl with the gold jewellery after all!) x

    1. It must have been a very detailed work of course, and you done it very well :)I'm pinning this design :)