Metalic french tip nails

 Hi again, I'm back with more black nail art - this time I used some nail foils to create a cool futuristic metallic french tip effect.
It was easy to do and also a really good way of using up any nail foils that you may have which are left-overs or the wrong size for your nails. I think it's definitely easier to apply half the nail foil than doing the whole nail (in terms of getting them perfectly crease free anyway), so this is really is a good trick to remember if you need impressive nails in a hurry.
  I began by painting all the nails in black polish (Barry M) and allowing plenty of time for the nails to dry before starting with the foils..that is important to remember actually because otherwise you'll have trouble smoothing the foil down if the polish is all sticky.
The foils I used were all by Blixz/Trosani, I had plain silver, silver/white paisley and white leopard with black/silver spots. Simply apply the foils as you normally would but turn them side-ways to get a nice straight edge across the nail. For more info on this companies products you can click HERE or HERE for some great nails I created using decals by the same company.
 I created a glitter fade effect on some nails.. I used the plain silver foil first and then used a kind of 'dark silver' square glitter polish by Claire's Cosmetics and a sprinkle of loose silver holographic glitter by Stargazer (I have had this for ages it has really fine particles so a little goes a long way, I can't remember how much it cost originally but I feel like this must be good value for money because it just keeps on going! it also has has a really nice rainbow-y shimmer to it in natural light).
 When I was happy with all the nails I used clear polish on top to seal it all and smooth the glitter etc.
 I really like the way the nails with the plain silver tips look.. it's as though they've been dipped in molten metal! I'm definitely going to do it the same but with gold foils at some point I think it would look really glam for the right event.
Actually these nails remind me of something Jessie J would wear in her videos.. it wasn't intentional but I like her crazy style so it's OK with me!
I'll be back soon with some more for you - have a great week everyone x


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  1. that is so cool! What an awesome mani!

  2. nice nails! great for some disco party or dinner out :)