Hangin' on the telephone nails - #5 Glitter bug

Hello again, welcome to the fifth installment of my 'Hangin' on the telephone' nails series - I personally love this look, it was super easy to create (I will do a full tutorial for this soon) and I think you'll agree the nails and the case together make such a striking statment! Seriously glam hands!!

Street style #5: Glitter bug
The fifth case on display is another great accessory from
The glamtastic looking case is a clip-on hard Glitter case in Pink - Perfect for the glitter fiend in you... and what could be a better homage to glitz than sporting this sparkling combo... if you can't resist adding a touch of glitter to your look this is the case for you... it's an instant glitter fix at your finger tips!
"The Glitter Case easily clips around your Samsung Galaxy S2 and protects it from bumps and scratches whilst keeping it looking stylish at all times. "
I love how this cover catches the light - its super sparkly and attention grabbing, great if you love to be centre stage! It's also worth mentioning that the glitter effect on the case doesn't rub off so you wont have a handbag full of glitter by the end of the day.

If you want to see more from check out their: Shop by clicking on the link or check them out on: Face Book , Google+ , or via their  Blog.
I hope you like the nails and the cute phone cover Thanks Mobilefun! I'm back tomorrow with the final look of the series, make sure you come back to check it out x


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  1. Those nails are perfection!!!

    1. I'll do a tutorial soon it's a simple technique but pretty durable.. they are like 'legally blonde' nails.. yay ^_^

  2. wow, legally blonde...I heard this expression on Indian TV from you :)hehe
    nails look glamorous indeed.

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