NEW Confetti nails

Hi everyone, I am excited to share todays post with you, I'm not sure if I 'invented' this exactly but I definitely came up with it by myself so I feel like I can take credit for it for now ^_^

The technique is quite simple to do but I think it looks so cool in the end result!
Not too much special equipment is needed, probably items you already have at home (yay)
You will need a craft knife or scalpel with a sharp blade and some coloured paper - specifically something like a catalogue with coloured page corners or a 'post it' block could work. (I think the catalogue paper worked well because it is thin).

Place some paper on a flat steady surface and put the catalogue on top, hold the catalogue down so the corner is rigid and using your craft knife CAREFULLY (no accidents please!) shear the tips of the corners off.
Keep your fingers out of the way - hold the catalogue in place on it's the top surface (not the sides) to avoid cutting your fingers - when cutting; draw the knife down in careful strokes.

When you have enough collected on the paper run your fingers through the pieces gently to separate any that are stuck together.
For my demonstration I chose a white base for my nails, I allow this to dry.
Next I apply a clear coat over the white and 1 nail at a time I hold my finger over the paper (to collect the bits that fall) and sprinkle the coloured pieces evenly over the nails.
If any edges are sticking up, wait a moment for the clear polish to set a little and then just gently dab them down with a finger tip.

When all fingers are sprinkled to your liking you can apply another clear coat to seal the look and that's it! (any bits that need tidying up on the edges are easy to remove once the clear coat is thoroughly dried, just file or snip away any loose ends with nail scissors).
I hope you like it... I think there are just so many colour possibilities depending on what you have available.. finally I was pleased to see all the random lost catalogues from under the sofa etc haha.

Not to mention this look is so cheap to create! catalogues are pretty much always given free I will be looking at them in a new light now ^_^
I think it looks like little sprinkles or confetti cake or something - the white base makes it look a bit like those gobstopper sweets? what do you think? I hope you give it a try!.. it's a great idea if you love nail art but don't have a steady hand for doing detailed designs because I think anyone could manage this (and you don't need to buy anything special to do it either!)
I will do some more variants of this technique and post them up here to show you.. I kind've rushed this post due to being so excited to show you all!
Back soon x


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  1. This was super cool, I've never seen anyone do anything like it! Thanks for sharing, I love that these are more interesting shapes than plain string glitter (which always looks messy!).

    1. glad u like it.. yeah i haven't found too many string/bar glitter polishes that achieve a look i like..but this was super simple and fun! thnx for commenting x

  2. Great and simple technique, Bonita!
    I felt ashamed as I didn't treat my nails good for a while, so the summer is here now, I need to revive my nail art too :)
    yes, you can use any glittery paper for same purpose, r make stripes our of paper, so whatever you can invent.
    Thanks for sharing! It made me happy :)

    1. hey im glad you like the technique.. haha don't feel ashamed that's so funny ^_^ but im glad you feel inspired to try some nail art.. I think u definatly should!

  3. I don't think I ever saw this one (hey I'm only 9 months late to the party!) but I'm super impressed with this, very creative and resourceful, who knew the argos catalogue could produce something this pretty! Ha!