Hangin' on the telephone nails - #1 Geek chic

Mobile phone cases are the newest way to express your style and let your personality shine.. Your mobile is always in your hand/handbag or on your desk somewhere near..often it's one of the first impressions people will get of your personality (say for example; you meet, exchange names, get your phone out, swap numbers)..what does your case say about you?
Styling your nails to match your phone is set to be the next hit trend in nail art for 2013 and I have been lucky enough to receive some amazing cases to show you all how this trend can work to compliment absolutely anybodies look.

Street style #1: Geek chic
The first cover of the series is from This site has a great range of products - phone cases being just 1 line of many phone and electronic accessories available. They stock in many countries and the site is very easy to navigate.. they have a great variety of cases/covers for Samsung Galaxy S2 (which I have in the pics), Samsung Galaxy S3 and pretty much every other model on the market from what I can see!
This awesome looking case is a Konkis Blockstyle silicone case in 'yellow' there are loads of other colours available to suit your style including pink/light blue and more.
This Case is made of soft silicon material and offers a good protection for your device. 
How could this case not brighten up your day a little? Ideal for anyone who is young at heart and a lover of anything cool and quirky - The bold colours and weird shape just kind've make you wanna pick it up and play with it! It totally just reminds me of Lego bricks (but a bit more grown-up and stylin'!)
I love how you can move the parts around to protect the lens or change the look of the cover..  so cool! (The separate pieces fit together very snugly so I'm not worried about them getting lost or anything either). are a well established company and if your looking for that new cover to suit your mood they have clip on hard covers, leather styles, blingy styles, silicone cases.. basically they have loads to browse! check out their: Shop by clicking on the link or check them out on: Face Book Google+ , or via their UK Blog.
I hope you like the nails and the funky phone cover, I'll be back tommorrow with the next in the series!


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  1. These are awesome! and super impressive looking. They go really well with the phone case (I like that you can more the rubber squares around on the phone case, that's a nice touch).

  2. awesome mani.....the case is sooo cute!!!

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