Bizarre nails

Hi again, this is my current look. I'm still loving creating these little landscapes on my nails and always trying to experiment with new styles/ techniques.
I avoided using a sponging technique in this design in favour of more solid, bold areas of colour.

I have often found ideas for nail designs when seeing pics from different or exotic/unusual landscapes from far afield but this time my design inspiration comes from closer to my home.
I took influence from the bright and cheerful pottery designs of Clarice Cliff an English ceramic industrial artist who's work became popular in the 1930's and is still collectible and admired by many today...
 If you look around for her work you will see there are many ranges in different styles. Her eye catching designs became popular and sold well - she began on a small scale and soon had a team of painters (known as the 'bizarre girls'- taken from the name of the 'Bizarre' ware an early pottery line designed/created by Cliff) completing her designs to meet public demand, her creative and original style was well received by the masses at a time when women receiving such public acclaim for their work was quite unusual... Yeah Girl Power  ^_^

Kinda wish I could have been a 'Bizarre girl'.. it must have been cool to be working on something so popular at the time... I would have totally done all the other girls nails to match what we were working on lol.
image source: link
This is the type of collection I love - the landscapes are slightly surreal but inviting at the same time I wanted to do something with a similarly idyllic feel. (Cliff also famously designed many of the specific 'shapes' for the ranges... creating many popular, original and inventive pieces..I love the handles on the cups above).
- I don't actually own any Clarice Cliff pottery so I just took some influences from here and there on the Internet and added my own touch with the pink sky.. they ended up looking a tad more 'magic round-a-bout' than planned but that seems to happen a lot with me (subconsciously influenced from an early age haha).
Sitting outside in wet and windy South England trying to get some nice clear pics of this design (without raindrops all over them) I could really see the appeal of the sunny, playful characteristics of Cliffs work.. these nails are the perfect remedy to glimpsing the torrents of rain pouring down my actual window right now!
Pastels are set to be back this year and I definitely like this retro pastel colour combo in favor of the sickly sweet pastel looks that were everywhere last spring, I'm definitely going to be experimenting with this kind of palette some more in the coming month I hope you like them too. 
Back soon x


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  1. i love the small landscape you make on your nails. they look so cute and at the same time, it requires so much patience to draw them!keep up this style:) i think you can make some great break through with such nail designs:)

    1. does take me a little time before i start kind of planning the lay out..but i love drawing too so it's fun for me (so many scraps of paper around the place with new tiny ideas on).. I think crochet requires more patience (for me anyway haha) ^_^ love all the stuff you've been making!