Hangin' on the telephone nails - # 6 Go-go girl

Hello everyone so this is the 6th and final look of my Hangin' on the telephone nails series - A big thanks to all the lovely companies who provided these fab cases to show you!
I know that everyone has different makes/models of mobile so for the final look I have something which is suitable for loads of different phone models... and looks pretty darn cool too!

Street style #6: Go-go girl
The last cover is from The site has a great range of products for your mobile phone, tablet or iPod. They have very kindly offered all off my readers a 10% discount on any purchases when using the discount code NAILS10 which is very nice of them so please do pop over and take a look!!!
This is the Neoprene ShockSock sleeve in orange it's also available in yellow, green, pink, red and black - this look is fun and sporty and great if you're always on the go - no need to worry about any scratches when you have your phone in your bag or if you accidentally drop it running for the bus... oopsy it happens ^_^
Adding some bright touches of colour to your everyday look is a great, easy way to make an impact and accessorize a plain outfit without having any fuss or frills if it's not your thing.
   Visit the Shop if you want a case for yourself !

I hope you like the final look and remember you can all take advantage of that 10% discount code just go to the checkout as normal and enter the code NAILS10 ...Thanks for reading I really hope you've had fun seeing what you can do with this trend over the series.

 Back soon with more nails, nails, nails x


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1 comment:

  1. I'm sad now..they don't deliver overseas:(
    But your nails look so gorgeous, Love that bright orange with a little bit of shine! Perfect nail design:) You were definitely in a great creative mood!
    Have a nice day, Bonita!