Hangin' on the telephone nails - #2 Vampy vixen

This is the second installment of my 'Hangin' on the telephone' nails series looking at styling your nails to match your phone - I have been lucky enough to receive some amazing cases to show you all how this trend can work to compliment any look.

Street style #2: Vampy vixen

The second cover is from This site has a great range of  mobile phones and phone covers and accessories available. They stock in many European countries and in the US - the site is very easy to navigate.. they have a great variety of cases/covers for Samsung Galaxy S2 (which I show in these pics) or for tons of other handsets and they have loads of others cool stuff for your iPad, Kindle, tablet, Blackberry, etc.
This beauty is a clip-on hard Mesh vent case in Red - The deep red colour has a matte metallic finish giving it a velvety appearance...

"A genuine Samsung back housing to protect your Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 whilst still allowing access to all of the features in a stylish red colour."
I love polka dots and I love how smooth and sleek this case is, it clips on and off really easily too. It's the perfect look for lovers of vampish red lips and classic, sultry style. are a well established company and if your looking for that new cover to suit your mood they have loads to browse! check out their: Shop by clicking on the link or check them out on: Face Book , Google+ , or via their  Blog.
I hope you like the nails so far and get some ideas for your own!... back again tomorrow with another installment. Thanks for reading x


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  1. Hi, Bonita! You've come up with a great idea! I like how the nails look and the matching with phone actually makes accent on them :)it's fashionable and creative.

  2. Thanks everyone, I loved how this looked too! the simple touches make all the difference when it's done with intention! red nails are nothing new but the polka dots make them look almost lolita style, thanks for commenting x